Stan features in two episodes
    Episode 3 - aired on the BBC 20 July 1959 IMDb Page
    Episode 7 - aired on the BBC 24 August 1959 IMDb Page

    A 7 part series of 30 minute court room dramas on the BBC.

    "The accused appears, the charge is read, the plea is made; and you the viewer, sit in judgement on the Bench, presiding over a Court of Justice".

    Doesn't appear to be available on DVD or in the BBC archive. But somehow a record of the show has appeared on iMDB in 2020, and the Radio Times entries are available on the BBC Genome site.

    Stan appears as one of the Barristers in Episode 3 and a character called Mr. Sylvetser in Episode 7. It's not clear if this is the same recurring character or different bit part characters.