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  • Marks out of 10 for Cover

 Lots of cleavage and a wetsuit if that’s your cup of tea, and she’s holding a big harpoon in the usual phallic manner. There aren’t any harpoons featured in the story as we recall – but I suppose she had to be holding something. 8/10

  • Cover Notes

 TOBIN DOWN UNDER BUT WILL HE COME UP FOR AIR? Tobin visits the land of Surfers Paradise, Foster’s and his greatest challenge yet – the Australian female! To earn a bit of spending money he takes employment as a "male escort", easy enough for Tobin to handle until he meets the lovely but aggressive Mrs Lavinia Steel, the horrible but eager Ruby…the luscious Andrea (writing a piece about male escorts – and what a piece it turns out to be!)…and acres and acres of home-grown Australian womanhood stretching from the sunny beaches of Palm Beach in the north to Cronulla in the south. CAN TOBIN COPE? WILL HE SURVIVE THE RIGOURS OF AUSTRALIAN LIFE OR BE PUMMELLED TO DEATH BY SOME STATUESQUE AND LUSCIOUS EXAMPLE OF SUN-TANNED AUSSIE SHEILA?

  • Brief Description of The Plot

 Once again we join Russ & Buzz on a plane – Russ thinks he’s about to walk into his dream job. Which he is. The women are provided for him, they all want, and he’s getting PAID! The Escort agency is called Glamorous Knights (run by Billy Kydd). Stanley had his book of puns well and truly out for this one. Apart from the "jobs", again there isn’t much plot…Russ gets sunstroke playing Cricket and at the end gets a letter from old pal Patrick Holmes offering him a job in a stately home over in Co. Kildare, Ireland. Of course Russ accepts as Patrick hints that it is full of beautiful ladies. Each chapter is dated – which allows us to place the year as 1975 and Russ states that he is 26 years old. Russ is in Australia from January 10th to Thursday January 23rd. Curiously, if you work the timeline backwards from here, this would makes the first Tobin novel 'The Sewing Machine Man' (which also starts in a January - Russ claiming to be 22 ) set in 1971. This is weird as the book was written in 1968! Which makes it almost sci-fi. Sort of.

I think at the time that Stan realised if Russ was ageing at the same rate at which he wrote the books, he would be in his thirties by now and probably not so fresh-faced and fun (no one was going to buy 'Tobin Is A Bit Tired And Has An Early Night', or 'Tobin Sorts Out His Pension'). To be fair, Stan wasn't too precious about the timeline, pulling off the ultimate trick when Tobin Goes Cuckoo was released 26 years after the final book of the 1970s and, despite being set in 2005, Russ had not aged a day!

  • Page at which Russ Tobin first reminisces about a previous adventure

 Page 6 (second page in)

  • Page at which Russ Tobin first eyes up a lady

 Page 7 (albeit on the pages of an Aussie Porno mag that Russ reads on the plane. Which begs the question "when was it ever acceptable to read a porno mag on a plane??")

  • Page at which Russ Tobin first gets to know a lady in the biblical sense

 Page 53

  • Page at which Russ Tobin first drinks a Vodka Tonic

 Page 39, Russ gets the round in quick – obviously he was pretty desperate for a V&T after going two days without in Tahiti

  • Serious points raised

 That it IS possible to be a sex-worker and still respect the people that you are getting paid to sleep with, because after all they are just human beings with their own personal reasons for spending their money that way.

  • Rating on the MORGANOMETER

 Still lacking in any tangible plot but the escort agency angle is pretty funny – given that by this point in his travels Russ must be absolutely KNACKERED from non-stop sex. 7/10