Stanley Morgan plays a Sub-Lieutenant on the submarine trying to set nets to catch the monster!

    Also starring Bill Travers,William Sylvester and Vincent Winter.

    This was a late addition to the Morgan canon, not least because Stan had no memory of ever having filmed it. So when a fan contacted us to say - "check out Stan's brief appearance in Gorgo!", Stan said "nah he must mean Konga - the other naff 1961 horror film with the terrible special effects and dubious storyline!"

    But sure enough when we looked, there he was! Stan dug deep through his archive and actually found his ledger that showed he'd filmed it in October 1959 and been paid the princely sum of 10 (Less 1.00 commission to his agent)

    The story is almost, but not quite as daft as Konga. They find a large sea monster, capture it and take it to London for display. The last thing they expect is for it's Mum to turn up looking for her kidnapped offspring. And Mum is ten times bigger and NOT happy. Cue lots of failed attempts to stop Gorgo and lots of models being destroyed in the name of "hope the audience don't notice this isn't really Big Ben" and you can imagine the rest. Also see a tongue-in-cheek review here

Konga Super8 Box Konga VHS edition Konga Spanish Poster
Konga Super8 Box Konga VHS edition Konga Spanish Poster