KONGA (AKA: I Was a Teenage Gorilla (USA)) IMDb Page

    Also starring Michael Gough, Margo Johns, Jess Conrad, Claire Gordon & Austin Trevor. FILMED IN "SPECTAMATION"!!

    Thought to be dead in a plane crash while doing research in Africa, a brilliant botanist/scientist returns home to his teaching post while continuing experiments on his little monkey with the help of his assistant/lover. A breakthrough occurs and the chimpanzee is transformed into a man in a gorilla suit. When our scientist starts falling for a sexy co-ed, the woman he's promised to marry gives Konga an extra dose of stuff and voila, he grows right through the roof of the house and becomes an Attack of a Fifty Foot Man in a Gorilla Suit named Konga. Throw in some very large carniverous plants, some priceless dialogue, surprisingly good acting, lots of cliches and you've got a campy delight

    Also see a tongue-in-cheek review here

Konga Super8 Box Konga VHS edition Konga Spanish Poster
Konga Super8 Box Konga VHS edition Konga Spanish Poster
Konga Promo Pack

Stan arrives on Croydon High Street

Stanley Morgan plays Inspector Lawson (far left).

Screen captures from MGM 2005 Canadian DVD edition

Stan in Konga 1
Stan in Konga 2
Stan in Konga 3
Stan in Konga 4
Stan in Konga 5
Stan in Konga 6