Stanley Morgan provided the voiceover for this documentary short

    Production Company Ronald H. Riley and Associates
    Director Rene Basilico
    Sponsor Mullard

    1969. A documentary for Mullards' wide range of products in the field of electronics. The film emphasises the qualities of Mullard products by grouping images of research and production and playing on the word ability: CAPABILITY - producing consistent products in high quantity through quality control. RELIABILITY - testing components, products and the machines that make them at each stage of the process. APPLICABILITY - working to find solutions for clients needs through new developments. RESEARCHABILITY - constantly working to explore new future developments in materials and microcircuits. AVAILABILITY - components produced by Mullard have uses all over the world, and beyond in space. An introduction to the wide range of products in the field of electronics made by the sponsors. Slightly disappointing as we thought it may be something to do with the commedian Arthur Mullard! The BFI have a copy in their archives, and amazingly this was nominated for a BAFTA in 1970 in the "Specialised Film" category (sadly it didn't win...but still "BAFTA-nominated actor Stanley Morgan" has a nice ring eh?)