AKA Edgar Wallace Mysteries: Partners In Crime
    Based on the novel "The Man Who Knew" IMDb Page

    Stan plays Sergeant Rutledge. Also starring Gordon Boyd, Bernard Lee, Ernest Clark, Victor Platt & Moira Redmond

    Harry Strickland, chairman of the Cool Kups soft drinks firm, is shot dead in his study which the killer has also ransacked. The police are surprised that only 50 has been stolen leading them to suspect that they are dealing with a premeditated killing disguised as a robbery in which a shot was fired in panic by the burglar on being disturbed. Strickland's partner, Frank Merrill, tells Inspector Mann that his own house was broken into only a few weeks before. Could there be a connection? Is a disgruntled ex-employee looking for revenge?

    Essentially the same dynamic between Stan and Bernard Lee as the other films in the series where they are usually named Inspector Meredith and Sgt Anson (Clue Of The Twisted Candle, Clue Of The Silver Key, and The Share Out). This time they are Inspector Mann and Sgt Rutledge for some reason.

Partners In Crime Partners In Crime
Partners In Crime
Partners In Crime
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