Tobin Among The Stars - click for a bigger version

  • Number Of Editions

 Presumably a Hardback edition on WH Allen exists (never seen one) and paperback on Star as per all the other Tobin installments since "Hard Up"

  • Marks out of 10 for Cover
  •  At this point the Tobin novels (and the plethora of other Morgan titles on Star) were starting to re-establish a consistent design as during the Mayflower years, however this cover along with "Russ Tobin In Hollywood" are the ONLY Tobin jackets to feature full frontal nudity - a sign of the more liberated times or an attempt to sell more copies? You decide! The flame-haired lady (also the only other non-blonde/brunette along with Randy Comfort Rise Again?) is making no attempt to cover her ample bosom and only a stars 'n' stripes telephone obscures her ginger dignity! The gold metallic boots make her look like a partially dressed extra from Doctor Who! Who knows how much further they could have gone had the series not ended after this book, 10/10!

    • Cover Notes

     Tobin is in Hollywood, longing for a chance to show the world his unique star quality. Somehow, the movie moguls are unmoved.

    Then Matt, who's affable, rich and well-connected, invites Tobin to an incredible weekend party in his luxurious mansion on Santa Catalina Island - and Russ begins to make a few connections of his own. It turns out to be the most demanding forty-eight hours of Tobin's life so far.

    Those contacts may not lead him to an Oscar - but they're certain to make him an overnight sensation

    • Brief Description of the Plot

     Russ is still at Sam & Barbie's pad in LA and he is still waiting for that elusive call..he's pretty fed up but he hooks up with Matt Holden - the guy he met on the flight to the USA. Matt invites Russ to this big party he is holding and the invitation is snapped up - but not before Russ (finally) meets up with AND makes sweet lurve to Miss Genevieve Holmeyer - his potential agent. The party is wild and wonderful - Russ meets and sleeps with a couple more girls and then encounters Julie Kahn - author of the supernatural million best-seller "The Beelzebub Bubble". It turns out that Julie is not a witch or at all even vaguely supernatural - she just wrote the book out of desperation because all her other novels flopped (is this a subtle nod to Stan's own writing career? He started out with Octopus Hill but couldn't get it published until he hit the Tobin formula). Just when the maverick oscar-winning film director Valco Hess spots the couple at Matt's party and vows to cast them in his new film - it looks like Russ is headed for stardom - of course things never go to plan and at the end of the book we leave Russ & Julie headed out on a spontaneous road-trip to goodness knows where.

    Stan himself admits that this was never intended to be the final Tobin book and that the storyline was rather left hanging due to the collapse of the publisher - in fact he was contracted to write another 8 installments at the time! For 26 years we thought that was the end and never dreamed that Russ would be back one day...

    • Page at which Russ Tobin first eyes up a lady

     Page 16 - Love sees no colour as Genevieve Holmeyer's cute little African-American maid attracts Russ's attention with her "cheeky smile". However on Page 17 she is eclipsed by Miss Holmeyer herself!

    • Page at which Russ Tobin first gets to know a lady in the biblical sense

     Page 39 - Johnny Mathis is on the stereo and Russ dances with Genevieve. One thing leads to another and hey presto...Herc is unleashed (again!)

    • Page at which Russ Tobin first drinks a Vodka Tonic

     On Page 18 Russ has a beer, but on Page 30 he finally gets to the good stuff and a Vodka Tonic is poured, sunk and enjoyed!

    • Page at which Russ Tobin first reminisces about a previous adventure

     Of course Russ recounts his situation and how he came to be there on the first couple of pages in the now obligatory manner.

    • Serious points raised

     Stan gives book publishers a particularly hard time (in the guise of Julie Kahn) - ironic given what was to happen shortly after this book came out. Other than that - we also learn that no matter what may or may not be around the corner, you should always follow your heart and deal with the consequences afterwards..

    • Rating on the MORGANOMETER

     A tinge of sadness comes with finishing this book - knowing that there is no more to follow - it's not the best Tobin book by a long shot but it's pretty good - I'm sure if Stan had known there was to be no more he would have given Russ a better send off - as it stood unresolved for so long I'd say it deserves 8/10