For the purposes of this timeline we will refer to the years as YEAR 1, YEAR 2 etc of the time that passes throughout the course of the books.
Black space in the timeline indicates periods not covered in the books (when Russ was....ahem...otherwise engaged)


The Sewing Machine Man
The Sewing Machine starts in the January of YEAR 1 on the day that Russ resigns from Wainwrights.
He starts working for Ritebuy at some point in the February and spends just over a year in their employ
He quits Ritebuy in early March of YEAR 2

The Debt Collector
The Debt Collector starts in early June of YEAR 2 - four weeks into his new job at Karefree Kredit Inkorporated
Later that month he quits and moves to London. He then spends 2 weeks on an acting job in Portugal from 5th - 19th October

The Courier
The Courier starts the Thursday before Christmas of YEAR 2. Russ starts working in Majorca on March 13th of YEAR 3

Come Again Courier
Come Again Courier starts in the June of YEAR 3 and ends a few months later, still in Majorca

Tobin Takes Off
Tobin Takes Off starts in the November of YEAR 3, still in Majorca after season end.
He returns to London on November 5th and leaves for Africa on November 11th

Tobin On Safari
Tobin On Safari Starts with Russ arriving in Nairobi on November 28th of YEAR 3 and the book covers the the first few weeks of the Safari job
Russ spends a whole year in Nairobi but none of this is covered in any of the books

Tobin In Paradise
Tobin In Paradise covers the first week of Russ's two week break in the Bahamas, starting on December 1st of YEAR 4.
He finished in Nairobi on November 28th of YEAR 4, spending two days in London before departing for the Bahamas
At the end of the book, Russ ends up in Miami without a passport. This occurs on December 7th

Tobin In Trouble
Tobin In Trouble starts in Miami on December 20th YEAR 4, proceeds to New York for 2 days and ends on the night of December 23rd in Canada

Tobin For Hire
Tobin For Hire starts in Toronto on Christmas Eve of YEAR 4 and ends on December 30th with Russ & Buzz aboard a plane flying to Australia via Tahiti

Tobin In Las Vegas
Tobin In Las Vegas starts late on December 30th YEAR 4 with the flight being diverted to Las Vegas
They finally fly out to LA on January 1st YEAR 5 at 11pm where they connect to a Qantas Tahiti flight leaving at 2am on 2nd January

Tobin In Tahiti
Tobin In Tahiti starts with Russ and Buzz arriving in Tahiti at 10am on January 2nd YEAR 5
They planned to leave on the 2pm flight on January 4th YEAR 5 - but get arrested and have to wait for the next Sydney flight on January 9th

Tobin Down Under
Tobin Down Under starts with Russ arriving in Australia on January 10th of YEAR 5 at around mid-afternoon
He stays two weeks and leaves on January 23rd at 10am

Here Comes Tobin
Here Comes Tobin starts in late January of YEAR 5 in Liverpool.
Russ has stayed with his parents for a few days in Cheshire (January 24-27th) after returning from Sydney
He flies to Dublin at noon on January 25th YEAR 5 and the story covers the first week at Ballytatty January 27th - February 3rd

Hard Up
Hard Up starts with Russ back in London in late June of YEAR 5, having spent 6 months working at Ballytatty Castle
Russ only plans to be in London for 2 weeks and he starts his new job at Zip on a Monday
On the Friday of that week he meets Gerta and the following day she buys him a plane ticket to LA.

Russ Tobin Uptight
Uptight carries on immediately where the previous book ended - starting the Monday after he gets the plane ticket
It continues throughout the following week with Russ agreeing on the Friday to fly to LA a week today (ie the following Friday)
This means he aims to fly to LA in mid-July of YEAR 5

Russ Tobin In Hollywood
Despite aforesaid intentions, Russ doesn't actually fly to LA until early August of YEAR 5
This book covers the first 4 days of his time there.

Tobin Among The Stars
Tobin Among The Stars starts on the Monday of Russ's fourth week in LA and ends on the Monday of the following week
This is therefore sometime in early September of YEAR 5

Tobin Goes Cuckoo
Tobin Goes Cuckoo starts in Brighton in late June of YEAR 6, covering Russ's first week at Cuckoo Court, with an epilogue a month later
recapping what has gone on in the meantime.

And there we have it - 5 years and 7 months in the life of Russ Tobin!